Dome Structures

We are KRE8ing domed houses for living and business.   

Due to the dome being a lightweight structure, an expensive and complex foundation is not required. 
Spacers and partitions do not limit the layout of the dome structure.

Advantages of the Expanded Polystyrene Dome Structure

The construction requires 35% less material than the construction of a house with an ordinary rectangular shape of the same area. 

Construction work is conducted without the involvement of construction equipment.

Does not require a complex foundation

2x Cheaper than a brick house 

Construction takes just 7 days or less

Saves 40-50% of heating and cooling costs. 

Disaster Properties of The Dome - The Dome Can Withstand:

Hurricanes & Tornadoes
And is Mildew, Mold, & Termite Proof. 

The possibilities of use for the domes are endless! Here are a few examples of what the dome can be used for:
Single Family Homes  
Hurricane & Storm Shelter  
Mother in Law Suites  
Additional Covered Parking 
Pool Houses 
Game Rooms 
Office Space 
Game Room 
Man Cave 
Hunting/Fishing Cabin 
Emergency Housing 
Backyard Cabana 
Recreational Centers 
Contruction Site Office 
Worker Housing 
Green Energy Subdivision of the Future 
International Housing Solution 
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