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Construction Steps

Construction of a  DOME.WORLD HOUSE begins by assembling our patented outer walls which are manufactured in our factory like Lego blocks. The building is completed with additional subsequent processes and interior and exterior works. Thanks to the reduction of on-site works, the overall construction period can be reduced and the reduction of various on-site problems guarantees stable and reliable construction quality.

Dome.World has exclusive manufacturing plants in Louisiana, USA for material production and we are managing our dealerships throughout the country which have reliable construction capabilities.
assembly overview

-Install foundation 2 Ft Larger than your diameter,  per specs

-Assemble Dome sections per specs

-Cut out sections for doors and windows and install pre framed openings.

-Carve notches for conduit in pre determined locations for electrical

-Install conduit and electrical wiring

-Install windows and doors

-Apply structural plaster on interior of dome first,once complete plaster may be applied to exterior

-Seal interior and exterior of Dome with a water proof sealer or elastomeric paint

-Finish interior as desired

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