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About Us

About Us:

Our story begins in 2004.   Our founder, Billy Guidry, had been searching for an affordable housing solution.  After looking at tiny homes, shipping containers, and even homes made of sand bags,  it wasn't enough.   Billy then came across an article on about a house that survived Hurricane Ivan...A Dome Home. 

Billy dove into research at that moment.  After coming across a company in Japan that manufactured Styrofoam domes, he saw that this particular method could be both strong, and affordable. 

In 2008, Billy began working hands on with a distributor in Orlando, Florida.  He learned to build using the Styrofoam method, helping to build the dome in Orlando.  We began shipping dome kits all over the world, with South America being our manufacturing base.  

After studying the method for over 10 years,  and having the domes produced overseas, in 2017 we have brought manufacturing of the EPS Dome Homes to the United States.   This has lowered costs,  and will set out to achieve the goal of providing Disaster Proof Homes to the world. 

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