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Affordable, Disaster Proof 
             Dome Homes

Introducing The Future

"A revolutionary building material that is quickly becoming popular across the globe"

Introducing the most revolutionary building structure that is taking the world by storm. The EPS personal dome structure is impervious to natural disasters, hurricanes, earthquakes, and the shape is naturally wind resistant. 

This is personal real estate that has an endless amount of uses and is eco-friendly, energy efficient, easy to construct, and ridiculously affordable. These domes can be used in back yards, as single family homes, as in-law quarters, man caves, game rooms, storm shelters, etc, etc. This affordable product is the future of real estate worldwide based on ease of contruction, revolutionary material that resists mold, fire, and the elements, and is already being used in disaster relief efforts accross the globe. You can own one of our modular Dome homes for less than you thought possible. 

This building material is energy efficient, it's low in cost, and proven capable of withstanding natural disasters! You can use the materials to build about anything, including a single family home, adding a garage space, or even starting a business.
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