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Affordable, Disaster Proof 
             Dome Homes

225 mph wind & F4 Tornado Warranty.

For over 10 years, Dome.World has been manufacturing

Dome Kits with prefab panels for homes or businesses.

225 mph Wind & F4 Tornado Warranty.

Fire Resistant Concrete Exterior.  Save 50%-60% on cooling & heating costs.

Dome.World, maker of 10 pre fab dome kits for owner builders or contractors who want to build a Tornado, Hurricane resistant dome home, concrete retirement kit home, concrete vacation home or commercial business dome.   (Or you or your contractor can be assisted by a construction specialist if needed).   The  dome is ideal for a commercial business because the dome makes your business very cool and memorable.  

These panelized dome kits – kit homes consist of a prefab steel reinforced concrete insulated R28 panels giving you the greatest protection possible at roughly the same cost per sq.foot to build as conventional house or commercial construction. The exterior is 3/4″ concrete reinforced with galvanized steel mesh and fibers. The kit includes all the prefab panels to assemble the dome exterior walls and roof and panels for one entryway.  Additional entryways and dormers are purchased based on the floor plan layout.  We believe you should not pay shipping costs for interior items, doors, windows, kitchen cabinets, bathroom fixtures, etc. because these items can be purchased locally.

Concrete is 100% better than building with lumber, and not as expensive as you might think. Due to aerodynamic shape & steel reinforced fiber concrete exterior, the dome has proved its strength & fire resistance. 

Due to its reduced surface area and R28 uninterrupted insulation, the dome can cut your utility bills 50%-60%. 

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